Scope of Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of the core field of engineering, so it is always evergreen in terms of scope and job prospects. Electrical Engineering is the heart of whole engineering discipline and so therefore  it scope never fade even many year from now.

The most important thing to know is that an Induction  motor does not start like — “whhrooooooom brhum brhum”……….as answered by Sharman Joshi in the movie 3 Idiots.

Being an aspiring electrical engg. I feel that there is so much to know in the field that you’ll be awestruck.
Engg. Knows no bounds yet I am trying to put some points that ought to be known by every electrical engineer.

They are like our best pals. You have a job? We have a machine for it.
You can’t call yourself an electrical engineer if haven’t worked with them.
DC, synchronous, asynchronous, reluctance, hysteresis, BLDC, stepper, servo…
There are dozens of them.
Each having its own advantages and uses.

Power generation, transmission, distribution and control
Being an electrical engineer you should know electricity.
How it lives and dies. How does it talk and walk. Why does it cheat us and hurt our best pals, machines. It is like a prodigal son because of its wasteful nature but we love it and can’t live without it.

They are like our wingmen.
When we are out in the ruthless world of mean machines that refuse to work on our terms and available resources these saviours gaurd our backs and do the dirty work.

Relays, circuit breakers and other protection devices.
Well everyone can’t be Rajnikant. So we do need a plan B. In case electricity plays dirty tricks on us we do need someone to get even with that gangsta. It’s a THUG LIFE yo!!

Power electronic devices
They are our modern day saviors and sheperd electricity on our command. But they are also sneaky little devils. They will pounce upon every chance and try to lowball you by introducing harmonics in your perfect little world. That’s why we keep filters on our speed dial.

Digital Circuit Systems, Micro Processors, Micro Controllers, PLCs, etc
Well it does not hurt to know a few good men. And these men have a league of their own.
They are like Tony Stark of electrical engineering. They seem easy going and fun to work with till you get down to bushiness. But they are kick-ass and have great chemistry with our best pals.

Circuit analysis and electronic devices.
We can’t let our beloved electrons tread the wrong path. That is why we place signboards along with speed breakers and gates for its easy commutation.
Circuit analysis is like our GPS. We can exactly trace the whereabouts of our prodigal son using this GPS.

Instrumentation and Measurement.
We got to keep track of the expenses of our prodigal son, electricity, as it likes to party hard. If you won’t keep an eye then it will surely give you the shock of your life.

Mat lab with a pinch of Coding.
Yeah you read it right. But don’t be troubled as taming them is pretty easy and will allow you to get a better return on your investment of 4 years.

Recent trends and future scope.
After toiling hard on the barren land of electricity you must wait and see what others are up to.
You will see a truck load of options and possibilities thereon.


Will update soon!


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