Project Planning

Common Interview questions for Planning Engineer:

1. What is total float?
2. What are the difference between free float and total float?
3. What is a constraint?
4. What are the difference between MS Project and Primavera?
5. How to load cost & resource in a program?
6. What is WBS?
7. What is a milestone? What are the types of milestone?
8. What are the difference between flag and milestone activity?
9. What is a critical activity?
10. What is resource allocation and leveling?
11. What is a Baseline Program?
12. What are BSWS, BSWP, and ACWP?
13. What are SV and CV?
14. What is a Budget and how do you compare budget against Actual cost?
15. What is an S – Curve?
16. What is the difference between P3.1, P3E, and P5 etc.
17. What is an open end activity?
18. How often you update your program?