Flirt Mechanism

Human were always fall in some mechanism structure based up on their attitude.

Here, I gonna derive the human(man & women).

  • Woman – Filter Mechanism

Woman have a nature of filter mechanism, which means that they have a job to filter out the weak and undesired man.

  • Man- Approach Mechanism

Man have a nature of approach mechanism, which means that they make to feel kick them self and feel like an ass if you don’t  go and talk to a girl that you are attracted to.

“Consistency”=Psychological Trick

A man has to make her feel that other women already want you.(Pre-Selection).

Tips 1 – Look lips while talking

Tips 2-Try to get them to sense that you are open to try new things and which make her to feel comfortable and also in easy.

Note: This two thing will not mix, they are oil and, be hotter and give a great head.

“Difficult doesn’t mean impossible,It simply means that you have to work hard”.