Electrical Career Guidance

Why Study Electrical Engineering?

  • Electrical engineering jobs represent over 25% of all available jobs in engineering!
  • In India 30 % of the government jobs are from Electrical Engineering sector
  • A EEE student can enter in to the job market of Computer engineering, Electronics & communication engineering, Instrumentation engineering, control engineering, robotics, mechanical engineering, VHDL, VLSI. But any branch of other engineering student can not enter in to the Electrical Engineering job market.

Other than conventional Electrical Engineering jobs like power generation, distribution, transmission, manufacturing and utilization sectors, Electrical engineers are well positioned to address a variety of the crucial engineering issues facing societies today.

They cover wide variety of applications:

Energy: efficient lighting, buildings, computing, and communications; solar cells; low power devices and circuits; energy harvesting from the environment; smart power grids;

Information: security; communications; networks; machine learning;

Health: informatics; medical imaging, sensing, and diagnosis; brain imaging;

  • Signal Processing—Transform a 3-kHz phone line into a 56 kb/s modem and 1.5-10 Mb/s ADSL.
  • Telecommunications—Design and build the next-generation Internet.
  • Wireless Communications and Networking—Provide tools without tether.
  • Sensors, Microwave, and Image Processing—Map the surface of earth and planets or reveal the heart beat of a one-inch fetus.
  • Micro-Electronics—Turn sand (yes, sand) into CPUs and memory.
  • Energy Systems and Power Electronics—Make small MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) and big motors run by controlling the power from picowatts to megawatts and voltage from nanovolts to megavolts.
  • Nano-Electronics and Nano-Optics—Create new materials and discovers novel phenomenon by manipulating atoms and molecules.
  • Plasma Processing—Give energy to electrons and ions.
  • Laser and Photonics—Tame photons and generates the most brilliant light.
  • MEMS, CAD, and Microsystems—Design and predict performance of systems.

Biomedical Engineering, Communication and Signal Processing, Control Engineering, Electromagnetic’s, Electronics and Microelectronics, Power Systems, Optical Engineering, Energy engineering, VHDL, VLSI, robotics etc.,

The discipline of electrical engineering is grounded in the sciences and in mathematics. If you enjoy these subjects, then you will find electrical engineering a fascinating and rewarding field of study with many opportunities to solve key engineering problems.  

Lists of core companies to offer Electrical jobs in India

  • Electrical motors and Generators
  • Consultancy (Electrical Engineering)
  • Electrical appliances
  • Electrical components companies
  • Lighting & luminaries
  • Power Generation
  • Electric wires & Cables
  • Electrical exporters
  • Measurements & Instrumentation
  • Power Distribution
  • Transformers
  • Green Energy Companies in India
  • Top core companies in India to offer electrical jobs

Exclusive Government jobs for Electrical Engineers

Electrical motors and Generators

  1. Ajay Engineers http://www.ajayengineers.com
  2. All India Electric Motor Manufacturers’ Association http://www.aiemma.com/
  3. Aqua Brand Submersible Sewage Pump http://www.aquapumps.com
  4. Compact http://www.compactlighting.net
  5. Crown Electric Company http://www.crown-gear.com
  6. Lawkim http://lawkimindia.com/
  7. MMC Electric Company http://www.dynafluxindia.com
  8. MS Enterprises and Trimega Power Corporation http://www.msein.com
  9. National Electrical Industries – Ahmedabad. http://www.elmomachines.com/
  10. Numeric Power Systems http://www.numericups.com
  11. Pranshu Electricals http://www.pranshuelec.com/
  12. Reva Industries http://www.reva.com/
  13. Rotomag Motors & Controls Pvt. Ltd. http://www.rotomag.com
  14. Rudrashakti Electronics http://www.rudrashakti.com
  15. Sanjay Diesels – Diesel Generating Sets. http://www.dgsets.com/
  16. Venus Industrial Corporation http://www.venusind.com/
  17. A-One Industries. http://www.aoneindustries.com/contactus.html

Consultancy (Electrical Engineering)

  1. APJ Projects http://www.apjprojects.com
  2. Consolidated Consultants and Engineers Pvt. Ltd http://www.consolidatedconsultants.com
  3. DSON Enterprises http://www.dsonenterprises.com
  4. Eltech Engineers http://www.eltechindia.com/
  5. John Mech-El Technologies (P) Ltd http://www.johnmech-el.com/
  6. Mandvi Electric Works http://www.bicserve.com/
  7. Miraj Instrumentation Services http://www.mirajinstrumentation.com
  8. PG Associates http://www.engineeringconsultant.in
  9. Power Gem Engineers – Consultants in Power Generation. http://www.powergem.com/
  10. Secon Engineers http://www.seconindia.com
  11. Shanti Enterprises Electricals Limited http://www.shantielectricals.com
  12. Shashi Electricals http://www.shashielectricals.com
  13. SK Systems http://www.sksystem.com
  14. Tata Consulting Engineers http://www.tce.co.in
  15. Nutronics India http://www.nutronicsindia.com/

Electrical appliances

  1. Ajay Industrial Corporation http://www.ajayindustrial.com/
  2. Ankit Electricals http://www.ankitelectricals.com
  3. A.P.C. System & Products Pvt. Ltd http://www.apcsp.com
  4. Arka Trading & Services http://www.mfdplaza.in
  5. Bajaj Electricals Ltd – Part of Bajaj Group. http://www.bajajelectricals.com/
  6. Electroil http://www.electroil.com/
  7. Eveready Industries India Ltd http://www.evereadyindustries.com/
  8. Graftec india http://graftec.trade-india.com
  9. Indexelectronics http://www.indexelectronics.com
  10. Khaitan Group http://www.khaitan.com/
  11. Lloyd Electric & Engineering Limited http://www.lloydengg.com/
  12. Modern Electrical Stores http://www.modernelectricalsindia.com/
  13. Needo electronics and electricals pvt. Ltd. http://www.needoindia.com
  14. Picasso home products http://www.picassoappliances.com/
  15. Polor Industries Ltd http://www.polarinc.com/
  16. Rajshree India Ltd. http://www.rajshreefans.com
  17. Shilpa Electricals http://www.shilpaelectricals.com/
  18. Super Impex http://www.superimpex.com
  19. Tri Star Engineering Industries http://www.tristarengg.com
  20. Vijay Electricals http://www.vijayelectricalspune.com/
  21. Vxl Technologies Ltd. http://www.vxldesign.com
  22. XtremeWorx http://www.xtremeworx.net

Electrical components companies

  1. Ace Bimetalliks India Pvt. Ltd. http:// http://www.aceelectricals.com
  2. Aditron India Pvt. Ltd. (Engineering Division) http://www.aiplen.com
  3. Admir Ovens http://www.admir.com
  4. Arvind Anticor Ltd http://www.picklingplant.com
  5. Asiatic Electronic Industries. http://www.asiatic-india.com/
  6. Axis Electrical Components India Pvt. Ltd. http://www.axis-india.com
  7. Balar Marketing Pvt. Ltd http://www.allelectricalproducts.com/
  8. Bhartia Industries Limited http://www.bchindia.com
  9. Brass Copper & Alloy (I) Ltd. http://www.hexworldwide.com
  10. Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt. Ltd. http://www.brightechvalves.com
  11. Caltech Engineering Services http://www.caltechindia.com
  12. Color Design India http://www.colordesigntech.com/
  13. Consult Techniques (I) Pvt. Ltd http://www.consulttechnique.com/
  14. Deki Electronics Ltd. http://www.dekielectronics.com
  15. Elpro International Limited http://www.elproindia.com/
  16. Elymer http://www.elymer.com
  17. E S Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd http://www.energysaversindia.com/
  18. Finetech Engineering Corporation http://www.finetechindia.com
  19. Gayatri Control, Ahmedabad http://www.gayatricontrol.com/
  20. Gemscab Industries Ltd http://www.gemscab.com/
  21. Hallmark Electronics http://www.hallmarkelect.com/
  22. India International House Ltd http://www.builderhardware.com/
  23. Jaykrishna magnetics pvt.ltd http://www.jkmagnetics.com
  24. Leotech Group http://www.leotechindia.com/
  25. Maxx Mobile Phone Accessories Pvt. Ltd http://www.maxmobile.co.in
  26. Mehta Engineering Enterprise http://www.mehtaswitch.com
  27. Mehta Tubes Ltd http://www.mehta-group.com/
  28. Mellcon Engineers http://www.mellcon.com
  29. Micromot Controls http://www.micromotcontrols.com
  30. Muskaan Engineers http://www.electricitysaver.com/
  31. Neelam Import Pvt. Ltd. http://www.cellking.org
  32. Onload Gears http://www.onloadgears.com/
  33. Orton Engineering Pvt. Ltd, Thane http://www.ortonengineering.com/
  34. Persang Alloy Industries http://www.webmasterindia.com/persangalloy
  35. PMT Engineers http://www.pmtengineers.com
  36. Powercap Systems (Madras) Pvt. Ltd http://www.transformersindia.com/
  37. Powertek Equipment Company http://www.powertekindia.com/
  38. Pragati Electrocom Pvt. Ltd http://www.pragatielectrocom.com/
  39. Pran Electronics Pvt. Ltd. http://www.pranelectronics.com
  40. Precicraft Components India Pvt. Ltd http://www.precicraft.com/
  41. Prima Automation India Pvt. Ltd http://www.prima-automation.com/
  42. Rittal India Pvt Ltd http://www.rittal-india.com
  43. Sanghi Yantra Udyog http://www.skyuindia.com/
  44. SKN – Bentex Group of Companies. http://www.sknbentex.com/
  45. South India Industrial Suppliers http://siis-india.com/bus_bar_support.html
  46. Square Automation Pvt. Ltd http://www.squareautomation.com/
  47. Sudhir Switchgears http://www.sudhirswitchgears.com
  48. Syntron Controls http://www.syntron-controls.com
  49. Torque Master Tools Pvt. Ltd http://www.torquemasterindia.com/
  50. United Core http://www.unitedcores.com/
  51. Utiliti Controls http://www.utiliticontrols.com/
  52. valrack modular systems pvt.ltd http://www.valrack.com
  53. Wavetronics http://www.wavetronicsindia.com
  54. Rane Holdings Limited http://www.rane.co.in

Lighting & luminaries

  1. A.K. Electricals http://www.akelectricals.com/
  2. APCO India http://www.indiabizclub.net/Electrical/APCO_INDIA.html
  3. Aquascape engineers http://www.fountainsnozzles.com
  4. Arihant Enterprises : http://www.arihantsecurityindia.com/
  5. Atlas Electricals http://www.indiabizclub.net/Electrical/ATLAS_ELECTRICALS.html
  6. Baliga Lighting http://www.baliga.com/
  7. Crompton Greaves Limited. http://www.cglonline.com/
  8. Decon Lighting http://deconlighting.com
  9. GE Lighting India http://www.gelighting.com/india/index.html
  10. Jain Industrial Lighting Corporation http://www.indiamart.com/jilco/
  11. Jayanta Lamp Industries Pvt.Ltd : http://www.jayantagroup.com
  12. Kuber Lighting Pvt Ltd http://www.kuber.biz
  13. Litray Lighting : http://www.litraylighting.com/
  14. Mindscreen Pvt. Ltd. http://www.mindscreenfilms.com/
  15. Peralites http://www.indiabizclub.net/Electrical/PEARLITES.html
  16. Sam International http://www.indiamart.com/
  17. Shyam Electricals – http://www.shyamelectricals.com/
  18. Hpl Electric & Power Pvt.Ltd http://www.hplindia.com

Power Generation

  1. Advance Engineering Company – http://www.advanceengineering.com/
  2. APGENCO http://www.apgenco.com/
  3. Birla Power Solutions Limited http://www.birlapower.com
  4. Dyna Hitech Power Systems Ltd http://www.dynahitech.com
  5. Essar Group http://www.essar.com/Group/group.asp
  6. Essar Power Ltd. http://www.essar.com/
  7. Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. http://www.jindalsteelpower.com
  8. Kaiga Atomic Power Station http://www.npcil.org/docs/kaigaps.htm
  9. Kakrapar Atomic Power Station http://www.npcil.org/docs/kaps.htm
  10. Kirloskar Electric Co http://www.kirloskar-electric.com/
  11. Lanco Industries http://www.lancogroup.com/groups/kpower/kpower.html
  12. Madras Atomic Power Station (MAPS) http://www.npcil.org/
  13. Magnum Power Generation Ltd http://www.magnumgrouponline.com/power/
  14. Narora Atomic Power Station http://www.npcil.org/docs/naps.htm
  15. National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) http://www.ntpc.co.in
  16. NEPC India Ltd http://www.nepcindia.com
  17. PTC India http://www.ptcindia.com
  18. Rajasthan Atomic Power Station (RAPS) http://www.npcilraps.com/
  19. Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (RRECL) http://www.rrecl.com/
  20. Reliance Energy http://www.rel.co.in
  21. Tarapur Atomic Power Station http://www.npcil.org/docs/taps.htm
  22. Tata Electric Companies http://www.tata.com
  23. Tata Power http://www.tatapower.com/
  24. Techno Instrument India Pvt.Ltd web site url: http://www.tiiindia.com/
  25. Torrent Power web site url: http://www.torrentpower.com/
  26. Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Ltd http://www.uppcl.org/
  27. ABB Ltd http://www.abb.co.in/
  28. Adani Power Ltd http://www.adanipower.com/
  29. Aplab Ltd http://www.aplab.com/
  30. BF Utilities Ltd http://www.bfutilities.com/
  31. CESC Ltd. http://www.cescltd.com/
  32. CMI Ltd. http://www.cmilimited.com.au/
  33. DLF Power Limited http://www.eipowertech.com/dlf_power_limited.htm
  34. DPSC Ltd http://www.dpscl.com/
  35. Energy Development Company Ltd http://www.energy.com.ph/
  36. Entegra Ltd http://www.entegra.co.in/
  37. GMR Infrastructure Ltd http://www.gmrgroup.in/
  38. Gujarat Industries Power Company Ltd http://www.gipcl.com/
  39. GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd http://www.gvk.com/
  40. HBL Power Systems Ltd http://www.hbl.in/
  41. Indowind Energy Ltd http://www.indowind.com/
  42. Indo power projects Ltd http://www.indopowerprojects.in/
  43. Jaiprakash Power Ventures Ltd http://www.jppowerventures.com/
  44. Kalpataru Power Transmission Ltd http://www.kalpatarupower.com/
  45. KSK Energy Ventures Ltd http://www.ksk.co.in/
  46. National Wind & Power Corpn. Ltd http://www.nationalwind.com/
  47. Neyveli Lignite Corpn. Ltd http://www.nlcindia.com/
  48. NHPC Ltd. http://www.nhpcindia.com/
  49. NTPC Limited http://www.ntpc.co.in/
  50. Power Grid Corpn. Of India Ltd http://www.powergridindia.com/
  51. PTC India Ltd http://www.ptcindia.com/
  52. Reliance Power Ltd http://www.reliancepower.co.in/
  53. Savant Infocomm Ltd http://www.savant-infocomm.com/
  54. Sun Source (India) Ltd http://www.sunsource.in/about_us.htm
  55. Suryachakra Power Corpn. Ltd http://www.suryachakra.in/
  56. Suzlon Energy Limited http://www.suzlon.com/

Electric wires & Cables

  1. Aksh Optifibre Limited http://www.akshoptifibre.com/
  2. Anant Distributors Private Ltd. http://www.proflexcable.com/
  3. Brimson Cables Private Ltd http://www.brimsoncable.com/
  4. Capital Cables India Limited – http://www.indiantrade.com/cci/
  5. Colt Cables Private Limited http://www.coltcables.com/
  6. Cords Cable Industries Ltd http://www.cordscable.com/
  7. Delton Cables Limited – http://www.deltoncables.com/
  8. Fort Gloster Industries Limited http://www.glostercables.com/
  9. Kaydour Cables India http://www.kaydourcables.com
  10. KEI Industries Limited http://www.kei-ind.com/
  11. Lapp India http://www.lappindia.com/
  12. National Cable Industries http://www.nationalcables.com/
  13. Navinbhai Cables Private Ltd http://www.ncplindia.com/
  14. Neolex Cables http://www.neolexcable.com/
  15. North Eastern Cables Private Ltd //www.khetangroup.com/
  16. Novoflex Marketing Private Limited. http://www.novoflexgroup.com/
  17. Polycab Wires Private Limited http://www.polycab.com/
  18. Q-Flex Cables Limited http://www.qflexcable.com/
  19. Ravin Cables limited – Primecab brand of cables. http://www.primecab.com/
  20. Relemac India http://www.relemacindia.com
  21. RollRing Industries – Calicut, Kerala. http://www.rollring.com/
  22. Samdaria Electricals http://www.samdariaelectricals.co.in/
  23. Satish Enterprises http://www.satishenterprise.com/
  24. Shree Nakoda Cables Private Limited. http://www.nakodacables.com/
  25. Skytone Electricals (India) http://www.skytonecables.com/
  26. Surbhi Cables Industries Private Limited. http://www.indiamart.com/surbhi/
  27. Surbhi Telelink Pvt. Ltd http://www.surbhiindia.com/
  28. Torrent Cables Ltd http://www.torrentcables.com/
  29. Universal Cables http://www.universalcablesltd.com
  30. Usha Martin http://www.ushamartin.com
  31. Weather Crafts Ltd http://www.weathercraft.com/
  32. Finolex Cables Limited http://www.finolex.com

Electrical exporters

  1. Arbariya steels http://www.arbariya.com/
  2. Bajaj International Pvt. Ltd. http://www.bajajinternational.com/
  3. Biax http://www.biaxmetals.com/
  4. Brightech Valves and Controls Pvt Ltd http://www.brightechvalves.com
  5. Dynamic Scaffolding & Equipment Co http://www.dynamicscaffolding.com/
  6. Excel Metal And Engg. Industries http://www.excelmetal.net
  7. Impex Trading Company http://www.impextradingco.com
  8. Miltop Trading Company http://www.miltop.com/
  9. Om(India)Exports http://omindiaexpo.com
  10. Oriental Export Corporation http://www.indialinks.com/oriental/
  11. Sevana Electrical Group http://www.sevana.com/
  12. Veejay Lakshmi Engineering Works Limited http://www.veejaylakshmi.com
  13. Vishal Electromag Industries http://www.vishalmotor.com
  14. Vaibhav Electricals http://www.vaibhavelectricals.com
  15. Industrial Forging Industries http://www.ifi-india.net/
  16. Imperial Brass Component http://electronics-electrical.exportersindia.com
  17. M/s Horizon Exports http://www.horizonexport.net
  18. Golden Crest Marketing Network Pvt. Ltd. http://www.aceenergy.co.in/
  19. Shree Krishna Enterprises http://www.shreekrishnaenterprises.co.in/
  20. Sahiba International Trading Company http://www.sahibainternational.com
  21. Pushpak Metals web site url: http://www.pushpakmetals.com/
  22. IEEMA http://www.ieema.org
  23. ELSTER METERING (P) LTD http://www.elstermetering.com/
  24. Shivam Electronics http://www.shivamelectronics.com
  25. SUBRTO http://www.subrtoburnishing.com/
  26. Unitek Engineers http://www.unitekengineers.com
  27. Euro Technologies http://www.eurotapes.in/

Measurements & Instrumentation

  1. Active Control Pvt Ltd http://www.indiamart.com/activecontrols/
  2. Autometers Alliance Limited. http://www.autometers.com/
  3. EIP Bulk Control Pvt Ltd http://www.eipbulkcontrols.com/
  4. IMP Power Limited http://www.imp-power.com/
  5. Instruments International http://www.indorecity.com/ii/index.html
  6. Kanji Precision Works http://www.kanjimeters.com
  7. Mittal Enterprises http://www.indiamart.com/mittalenterprises/
  8. Modsonic http://www.modsonic.com/
  9. Nippon Instruments http://www.nipponinstruments.com/
  10. Poonawala Electro Weigh http://www.peweigh.com
  11. Prok Devices http://www.prokdvs.com
  12. Shanti Instruments http://www.shanti-instruments.com
  13. Texlab Industries http://www.texlabindia.com
  14. Vasavi Electronics http://www.vasavi.com
  15. VPL Infotech http://vplinf.com

Power Distribution

  1. Areva T&D India http://www.areva-td.co.in/
  2. BSES Yamuna Power Ltd and BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. http://www.bsesdelhi.com/
  3. Central Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited http://www.apcentralpower.com/
  4. CESC Limited http://www.cescltd.com
  5. Eastern Power Distribution Company of Andhra Pradesh Limited http://www.apeasternpower.com/
  6. Elpro International Limited http://www.elproindia.com/
  7. Gujarat Electricity Board http://www.gseb.com
  8. Haryana Power Utilities http://www.haryanaelectricity.com/
  9. Hubli Electricity Supply Company Limited (HESCOM) http://www.hescom.org/
  10. Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited http://www.mahadiscom.in
  11. Natinal Hydroelectric Power Corporation of India http://www.nhpcindia.com
  12. Noida Power Company Ltd http://www.noidapower.com
  13. North Delhi Power Limited http://www.ndplonline.com/
  14. Power Grid Corporation Of India http://www.powergridindia.com
  15. Southern Power Distribution of Andhra Pradesh http://www.apspdcl.in
  16. Transmission Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (AP TRANSO) http://www.aptranscorp.com/


  1. Emco Limited http://www.emcoindia.com
  2. Golecha Electro Stampings. http://www.golecha.com/
  3. Intaf India http://www.intafindia.com/
  4. Kappa Electricals Private Ltd http://www.kappaelectricals.com/
  5. Kotsons Transformers http://www.kotsons.com/
  6. Mahindra Electrical Works http://www.mewindia.com
  7. Marson’s Electricals http://www.marsonselectricals.com/
  8. P.M. Electronics Limited. http://www.indiamart.com/pme/
  9. Prismatic India http://www.wind-it.com/
  10. Raksan Transformers Private Ltd http://www.raksantransformers.com/
  11. Roland Electronics and devices Private Ltd. http://www.redpl.com/
  12. Sai Electricals http://www.saielectricals.com/
  13. Tesla Transformers Limited http://www.teslatransformers.com/
  14. Transformers and Electricals Kerala Limited. http://www.telk.com/
  15. Transformers and Rectifiers (India) Ltd. http://www.jmtril.com
  16. T.S. International http://www.transformers-reactors.com

Green Energy Companies in India

  1. Suzlon Energy: Suzlon is of course the first company that comes to mind. They are one of the leading wind energy companies in India are one of the better known alternative energy companies in India. Here are some details from their website.

Conceived in 1995 with just 20 people, Suzlon is now a leading wind power company with:

  • Over 16,000 people in 25 countries
  • Operations across the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe
  • Fully integrated supply chain with manufacturing facilities in three continents
  • Sophisticated R&D capabilities in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, India and The Netherlands
  • Market leader in Asia, Suzlon Market Share (Combined with REpower) rose to 9.8% thereby making Suzlon 3rd * largest wind turbine manufacturing company in the world.
  1. Orient Green Power Limited: Primarily engaged in the Wind and Biomass energy space. Currently wind constitutes the majority of their energy portfolio, so this is another one of India’s wind energy companies. As of March 31, 2010, their total portfolio of operating projects included 193.1 MW of aggregate installed capacity, which comprised 152.6 MW of wind energy projects and 40.5 MW of biomass projects. Their portfolio of committed and development projects included approximately 815.5 MW of prospective capacity, which comprised an estimated 622.0 MW of wind energy projects, 178.5 MW of biomass projects and a 15.0 MW small hydroelectric project.
  2. Indowind Energy Limited: Indowind Energy Limited is also a wind energy company that develops wind farms for sale, manages the wind assets, and generates green power for sale to utilities and corporates. Turnkey implementation of Wind Power Projects, from concept to commissioning. Wind Asset Management Solution for installed assets, including operations, billing, collection of revenue to project customers. Supply of Green Power to Customers. CERs (Carbon Credit) Sales and Trading.
  3. Suryachakra Power Corporation Limited: SPCL is the flagship company of Suryachakra Group with interests in Power generation – renewable energy (biomass, Solar, hydro, Wind) and Clean Technology / Ultra Super Critical Thermal Power Plants (coal, Gas), Engineering Consultancy and Urban infrastructure development activities. Suryachakra Power Corporation Limited has established 3 wholly owned subsidiaries for setting up of renewable energy (biomass) power projects and also acquired stake in Sri Panchajanya Power Private limited, which was setting up a 10 MW Biomass Power Plant at Hingoli, Maharashtra.
  4. NEPC India: This is a Public Limited Company promoted by the Khemka Group with the primary objective of promoting wind energy. This successful Group has a multi crore turnover from diversified activities in the field of Power Generation from Wind Energy and manufacture and marketing of Wind Turbine Generator (a renewable energy device).
  5. Azure Power: Azure Power is the green energy space as it is one of the solar energy companies in India. It is a solar power company, and they are supplying power to 20,000 people in 32 villages in Punjab.
  6. AuroMira Energy: Auro Mira is also a green technology energy company that is private, and present in the Biomass, Small Hydel and Wind Sectors. It plans to develop over 1000 MW capacity by 2012. AME is presently focusing in Biomass, Small Hydro and Wind Sectors. AME plans to invest $ 900 Million to develop, own and operate over 1000 MW in clean energy in addition to WTG manufacture and to develop over 15000 acres of energy plantation in the next five years. AME intends to foray into other clean energy technologies, solar, bio-diesel etc. in the future.
  7. Husk Power Systems: This is truly an alternate energy company which owns and operates 35-100 kW “mini power-plants” that use discarded rice husks to deliver electricity to off-grid villages in the Indian “Rice Belt
  8. RRB Energy Limited: This company is in the field of Wind Power Generation, and is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified Company. RRBEL is also an Independent Power Producer having established wind farms of aggregate megawatt capacity.
  9. Moser Baer Solar Limited: This is a subsidiary of Moser Baer that is one of the solar energy companies as well. The Group’s photovoltaic manufacturing business was established between 2005 and 2007 with the primary objective of providing reliable solar power as a competitive non-subsidized source of energy.

Internationally renowned MNC’s to offer electrical jobs:

Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Intel, AMD, IBM, Ford, General Electric, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, Moog, Micron, Motorola, Nokia, Qualcomm, Rockwell, Sun Microsystems, Atto Technology, MTI and Texas Instruments.


Top core companies in India to offer electrical jobs

  1. Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited
  2. Tata Consultancy Services
  3. Bharti Airtel Limited
  4. Wipro Ltd
  5. Infosys Technologies Limited
  6. Hewlett-Packard India
  7. HCL Infosystems Limited
  8. Reliance Communications Ltd
  9. LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd
  10. IBM India Pvt Ltd
  11. Videocon Industries Ltd
  12. HCL Technologies Limited
  13. Satyam Computer Services Ltd
  14. Siemens Ltd.
  15. Samsung India Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  16. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd
  17. Redington (India) Limited
  18. Cognizant Technology Solutions
  19. Idea Cellular Ltd
  20. Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited

Exclusive Government jobs for Electrical Engineers

  1. ISRO
  2. DRDO
  3. BEL
  4. BHEL
  5. GAIL
  6. SAIL
  7. HAL
  8. HPCL
  9. NTPC
  10. ONGC
  11. IOCL
  12. RRB
  13. ECIL