Change Over Panel

  1. Incomer 315A On Load Change Over Switch -1no
  2. TPN SFU 250A with HRC Fuses                     -1no
  3. TPN SFU 160A with HRC Fuses                   -1no
  4. TPN SFU 125A with HRC Fuses                   -2nos
  5. 315A Fuse Cutout                                          -3nos
  6. CT 350/5                                                        -3nos
  7. Digital Ammeter                                             -1no
  8. Digital Voltmeter                                             -1no
  9. Control MCB’s                                              – 3nos
  10. RYB Indicating Lamps                                   – 1set
  11. Panel Size : 4.9”(H)x5.6”(W)x1.16”(D)
  12. Panel Size : 1475(H)x1700(W)x350(D)

MS box with SIEMENS Grey Powder Coated, Copper Bus bar arrangements, complete Power and Control Wiring