Life begins with education..To be rich or fool, it leads the person.. Education impels with focus, dedication and passion towards achieve your success. Education make you feel superior among others.. Indian Education System is total robust(Private/Govt.). Still hangout with British syllabus.. For every citizen should provide equal education standards. But Politics blocking it. So, Rich become richer and Poor become poorer..
  1. IES is a damn easy exam of course you need to work your butts off. What i mean to say that in class all the examples we do are the toughest one’s. IES is a mix bag of easy, damn easy and little difficult one’s.Most questions are repetitive.Once you have understood the concepts,they all seem the same.
  2. Objective exam is much easier to score but you need to do the subjective question’s practise to get hold of concepts.Yes, solving only objective one’s will give you half knowledge.It’s solved questions in book will give you complete picture and prepare you for new questions just in case.
  3. Revise revise revise Your ability to forget is monumentary. My mock interview i had forgotten 2nd law. Just like that.This is the golden rule for success.Don’t trust your brain..
  4. Comfort level for environment. As you know delhi has harsh environment. So invest in a heater in winter and cooler in summers. I recall wasting entire afternoon in summers in my heated up room and morning and nights fighting cold in winters. It’s a sheer waste of time.Buy a comfortable chair and bed and gadda too.Don’t think it’s for few months, Think of it as an investment for concentration in studies.
  5. Don’t set a time table when not following it upto hilt gives you frustrations. Just get up and start reading untill you feel hungry or tired. If you waste time in getting your body to follow your time table.It’s useless.
  6. Do not buy foreign author books No matter how much our teachers criticize indian authors, they are value for money and time. Don’t forget you are not here for research purposes, only competitive exam purposes.
  7. Library Oh God!! how much i wish i had known these library hidden in Delhi when i was preparing. They are such a nice place to sit away from the familiarity and claustrophobic sleepy atmosphere of your room with no one disturbing you. Some even give tea and nice lunch. Most of them have air conditioning and subscription of newspapers and magazines.And they are located near the sarais too. Look for them nearby your room and you will find them if your are lucky.
  8. NPTEL Videos and others available on youtube.You will be surpized to find huge study material online, But please don’t overdo it. Only in your spare time take a look to memorize the concept or understand it.